Electric systems – cabins – energy saving

Electric systems – cabins – energy saving

Industrial and tertiary electrical systems
“Turnkey” video surveillance and remotatation from the project to scheduled maintenance
Manufacture of photovoltaic and cogeneration plants, taking care of the whole bureaucratic part up to activation

Energy saving

According to the new CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 standards and AEEG’s Resolution 786/16, which establishes the obligation for the active users in both LV and MV with production plants larger than 11.08 KW and for the passive users in MV equipped with “GENERAL PROTECTION SYSTEM” to carry out annual and five-year tests, Chiarini e Ferrari have been working with the eGreen for years.

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As a Company member of the EGG Consortium, Chiarini e Ferrari manufactures the systems in the first autonomous shed


The Company employs highly qualified staff for the provision and maintenance of MV/LV cabins

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