Case History

Case History


Thanks to the trust placed in us, we have been involved in the design, engineering and installation of the 16 new silos, holding 58,000 tonnes, that Barilla built in its historic Parma (Pedrignano) headquarters during the last year, which needed to be integrated and work with all the systems already in place.

As is our philosophy, this involvement began in the initial development phase, meeting and collaborating profitably with Barilla’s in-house technical offices to offer our specific skills with this kind of system.

After analysing the input data and highlighting the possible solutions, we proceeded to engineering and design and the selection of specific materials, recommending for our client some solutions that perform well both technically and financially and, getting their approval, we proceeded to the validation of the electrical plans and management software solutions, with our experts in close contact with the customer’s technical offices.

In the implementation phase, which lasted for about 6 months with as many as 25 participants, no particular problems were revealed, nor were any changes required to the initial plans agreed upon, there were no problems with injuries or damage and, after 10 days of testing, with and without the product, we released the system to the full satisfaction of the customer.

We are happy to say that after one year, the rate of electromechanical failure was 0.002% for the main components installed and 0% for the software and supervision part.


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